U3A poetryLedbury Community Day – U3A Poetry and Creative Writing

A number of writers from the Ledbury community stopped by, at our table in the Walled Garden, to put a few words on paper and agreed that it would be good to share them with a wider audience…

(The words in bold print are the authors own words)


The garden was silent and secretive until…

The bells rang out and we recall

That God made the first garden

And entrusts us to care for them all.

Maureen Cooper


Whether the Weather

Whether the weather be fine

Or whether the weather be poor –

One thing in this country is for sure –

The Brits know how to make the most

And even like to make the boast

That no matter what the weather

They’ll raise a toast.

Valerie Clark



Ledbury is a lovely place

And puts a smile upon your face,

There’s such a lot to see and do –

I hope it does the same for you.




Ledbury’s such a lovely town

It lifts you are up when you are down

And when you walk along the street,

You’ll be surprised at who you meet.



‘Oops!’ said the rabbit…

As it escaped from the cage.

 It ran down the garden

And chewed on a poetry page.

‘Come here!’ said the girl

Who picked the rabbit up.

She took it back home

To play with her pup!

Felicity Bundy and family


‘Oops!’ said the rabbit..

Who knocked over the bin,

Hit the lamppost and broke a window.

‘Oops!’ said the rabbit.

Freya (age 9)


Ledbury Walled Garden

A mini-celebration. Trees sprouting everywhere you look. Flowers colouring the enclosed enigma. Relaxed faces seemingly day-dreaming but really contemplating on the benevolent surroundings. The beautiful Angel of Ledbury shining on this bright town.

Owen (age 11)



Ledbury is an awesome town with lots of cool buildings and amazing shops!

Ledbury is little but brilliant because you don’t get lost!

Honor (basically 9!)


The Robbery

She held her breath. The vase wobbled but didn’t smash. In relief she blew out her cheeks. This robbery was riding on her silence.

She crept closer.

The Jewelled Diadem of Cleopatra glinted in the moonlight. Unable to contain herself, she rushed forward.

‘What are you doing?!’

She froze…

Lara ( age 11 )